Why Are You on Social Media

Examine why you are on social media…
1. Do you have a business and looking to build your online presence and platform?
2. You just like looking at what everyone else has going on?

3. You are here strictly for the ghetto showcase?
4. You have no idea?
5. You would like to figure it out?

You should know your purpose in everything especially social media, it has an amazing purpose. Not for what some use it for, but for your brand, book or business, it works wonders.

Examine the possibilities of building your brand on social media seriously. It truly works if you work it.


If you are only on social media to bash what you don’t like about certain things, How is that working for you? Besides what your complaining about there are great things happening. Remember your audience wants to see and hear about some wonderful awesome things.

Do your posts…..
inspire or bash
encourage or discourage
bring joy or fear
are you always attacking or bringing comfort
speaking all the negative things you don’t like about a person, industry, or community

Truth is if you are not bringing something and help push people forward, no one want to hear doom and gloom consistently. We have enough of that watching the news and daily.

Purpose your mind to bring some light. People are searching for positive, exciting things. You should be adding joy not gathering a rally to co sign everything you hate. Yep it’s your platform and this is mine. Take this advice and apply it. Have a great Day….
#thebeautifulboss #tiffanyagreen #blackwritersspace

Blogger & Entreprenuer

Tiffany A. Green

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