There are many titles that are thrown around today from social media back to tv. The definition of boss in the dictionary remains the same. Boss means basically one who is in charge. Lets examine how things have changed with this strong word that holds so much authority.

Across the internet this word is used by many. So let’s talk, what does it take to be a true boss? Well now, I can only give you my version in the entrepreneur world this word is a title we all love. Let’s start with dedication. In order to be a true boss it takes much dedication. Deciding to do something and making a vow to stick it out through all the ups and downs. LOL, sound a lot like a marriage. My point exactly, you must be married to your business. Yes, your business is depending on you to provide everything it needs to thrive. your business needs exposure, it need professional presence, it needs money, is needs faithfulness from you. if you are not willing to give your business that you’ve wanted so bad the things required for it to live then don’t start one.

What it takes to be a true boss is to live up to the word boss. Can you endure the relationship with your business that it takes to keep it running. Ask yourself, can your business truly trust you? Our business depends on us for everything. Our business suffers when we don’t do our part. It’s very unfair to a business that didn’t ask to be here. Now I sound like I’m speaking of a baby, well your business is your baby.

If we truly took the time to really think about what a business really means and how we should treat it, more would not end drastically. Just some food for thought. Hope this helps you.

Blogger + Entrepreneur

Tiffany A Green

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