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Contrary to what most inexperienced and new business owners think, there is a way to marketing yourself on a zero budget. Like many people say, Google is your best friend. Search the internet there is so much information you haven’t seen yet. One simple thing can help you market with no funds and that is the art of being consistent. If you have a social media platform. that in itself is a free form of marketing, but inconsistency can destroy your chances of growing your audience. Isn’t that why you are marketing? Lets really think about this. I’m going to list a few options that require zero budget to start. 

  1. Use social media to your advantage. Stop spending time scrolling up and down your timeline for hours that could have went towards marketing your brand, business, or your book.
  2. Stay consistent in posting your message, business announcements, events, etc.
  3. Don’t procrastinate getting your message out to the world because of little or no budget. You would be surprised how many people wait until everything is perfectly in place to start building and creating and launching.  
  4. Use #hashtags. Yes, they do work. Using popular and seasoned hashtags help your posts reach those who are searching for the relevant content. Start creating your own hashtags to establish your presence online and in the search engine. On Facebook and Instagram your hashtag can be searched to find past posts that you’ve created. Try it, it works.
  5. Email Marketing. This is the ultimate tool that many look over. Yes email has been around for years but is now more popular than ever. Believe it or not email is the one dependable way to always connect with your audience regardless of what ups and downs happen in social media. That means building an email list is crucial. An email list should be #1 on your list especially if you have a zero budget.
  6. Always carry business cards with you. From the grocery store to the doctor’s office or just a stroll in the park can lead to a potential client connecting with you, your services or products.
  7. Design a nice professional email signature. Email signature looks real good anytime to send out and email. A professional presence is always key.
  8. Attending free events with business cards in hand. You can search local online event marketing sites to find out what current events are happening in your area.
  9. Be a guest speaker. This is a great way to meet new people, get your message out, and possibly sell your books or products at the event. As a speaker an organization can offer you a payment for your time to come speak or a vendor table to display who you are and what you do. The speaking opportunity gives strangers a chance to get to know who you are and why they should connect with you.
  10. Learn to how to write your own press release. Google it.

These tips should well prepare you to be on your way to marketing anything you are doing without a budget. This post is in no way saying you won’t at some point need paid advertisement but its more than enough to get you started.

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Tiffany A. Green

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