Finding Your Tribe……

Ladies one of the major things many people don’t tell us when we are starting a business is that everyone will not be happy for you. Your most supportive strength will sometimes come from where you least expect it.

Since I’ve taken my business and building my brand seriously believe it or not my circle has gotten smaller and smaller. But guess what?, its OK with me. See what they don’t tell you is that your greatest cheerleaders will be total strangers. Some you’ll meet across your social media platforms, Starbucks, Panera Bread, and event you attended. And get this, these will be the people who go hard to push you, and they don’t know you from a can of paint. lol. I’m just keeping it real.

You must know who your tribe is. Your squad. The one who will uplift you no matter what. That girlfriend who wont just let you be depressed because you failed at something. Nope she’ll give you a swift kick in the butt and say let’s go, we have work to do.

Here’s the thing, those who you expect to be there for you wont, but its okay. God has just the right people waiting for you to expand your horizons. Make the sacrifice and go to that event with all those Billionaire women. So, what you barely have an outfit to wear, figure something out and get there. Most times God already has it set up as to who you’re gonna sit next to and who’s gonna treat you to lunch. Right, they have no idea you only have $5 dollars in your checking account, or that its negative right now.

I’m sure I’m all in someone’s business, but its okay. We all go through. Find your tribe. This is group will be one of them. This is a supportive team who will push you until the wheels fall off. But just keep smiling. I hope I helped someone today
Have an amazing, productive day ladies.

The Beautiful Boss
Tiffany A Green

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