1. I am sooooooo excited to announce that I made #1 the Top 10 Amazon Bester Seller List in the Kindle Store, it’s now at 3. This is sooooo amazing. I don’t know about you but I am purposing myself to celebrate the wins in my life whether personal or business. We often times are surround ourselves with those who don’t celebrate us, and then it makes us not celebrate us. The devil is a whole lie. I’m gonna celebrate until the end of Time large or small. However this is huge to me, with being a publishing consultant, and helping other authors self publish their books successfully, I now can carry some of these celeb titles myself.

Thank you God for everything you placed in me. I promised to utilize every gift to the best of my ability. Amen.

I pray this encourages someone today not to give up. Keep pushing through. Have an amazing day.

To purchase a free download of my book, go to

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