Get Serious About Building Your Audience…

When you get through being #religious you’ll realize you need to build an audience to create #relationships necessary to

✔️build a business

✔️sell your book

✔️have real people show up at your event

✔️book you to come and speak.




Too many times I see #churchfolks screaming they believing God for increase but do nothing to expose their business to the world.


I don’t care how many so called experts you listen to, at the end of the day, we built our audience by way of communication, actually showing up, having our website done, building a brand. Nothing will happen if people don’t know you exist.

Some of y’all are cool with them same 5 people that show up and liking your post. Reality is, that’s all they’re gonna do. Stop 🛑 thinking 🤔 you gonna blow up over night with the same dysfunctional foolishness.

It takes #werk, #consistency, and #preserverance.

God cannot bless what you keep blocking……

You can pray until Jesus comes back, I guarantee he will tell you, I gave you instructions but you were to religious to follow them. So I gave that business, that gift, that dream to someone else who was #ready . #runtellthat

Tiffany A. Green

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