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Not Sure How To Write A Book?Don’t Know Where To Start?Want To Get Your Message Out? Imagine if you could write your story, with professional guidance, become a published author, and get your message out before Christmas….. Discover the process that speakers, entrepreneurs, and busy professionals use to get massive visibility, sell products and services…
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Make Money In Your Sleep

This morning I woke up to royalties in my bank account. I decided in 2021 that I refused to let my books sit on thousands of websites and not make money. What was the whole point of me publishing in the first place? Publishing created passive income for me. Publishing for me meant I could get paid for all the pain and toxic mess I’d been through. Publishing for me meant I could build freedom. This meant I could make money I didn’t have to physically work for. You write and publish one time and it creates wealth over and over again. 💵

Many authors only publish for a title, to become famous or popular. Damn a title, I needed to produce some major results outside of how many books I sold at my book signing. Then no one sees or hears about the book ever again. Meanwhile, you’re still trying to figure out how to start a business and truth is, you already have one. Your book is a whole business that produces wealth if you position it to.

Your title as an author means absolutely nothing if your not benefiting from it. Your book can be an entire brand if you position it to be. Many authors get so caught up in a book cover with their face on it and don’t realize it’s not about you, it’s about the message. It’s about the information someone is searching for right now that you have in your book. What are you doing with your message? Messages are meant to be monetized not trapped in our heads or in a book we have failed to market or expose to our readers we haven’t met yet. Do yourself a favor, go live, write a blog post, or better yet send an email to your subscribers who haven’t heard from you in a while. They are searching for answers right now that are in your book.

So what, you published a book? How are you and the world benefiting from your published book? What else are you offering after you sell one book? You begged family and friends to support this dream of yours and then after the book signing they haven’t seen your book or heard from you. 🤔 I have seen authors 10-15 years later forget they even published a book. My take on that is, they never meant to impact the world with their message. They only wanted to be an over night success without putting in the work.

If 2020 didn’t teach you anything about building your own streams of income then I’m clearly not talking to you. For those who received the wake up call, what are you waiting for? Learn how to create real wealth from your book today. Connect Today on Instagram @blackwritersspace

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Rihanna Files For ‘Fenty Hair’ Trademark | The Source

There’s a possibility that Rihanna will be dabbling in the hair world after her company, Roraj Trade LLC filed a new trademark application earlier this month for Fenty Hair.
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#BookReview I Am a Woman Who 2021 Edition from @WomanWhoUK #WomeninBusiness #nonfiction #inspirational #IWD2021

Title: I Am a Woman Who Author: Multiple Contributors Publisher: Woman Who Genre: Inspirational My Review: I’ve been part of the women in business …

#BookReview I Am a Woman Who 2021 Edition from @WomanWhoUK #WomeninBusiness #nonfiction #inspirational #IWD2021
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Successful Women in Business – Episode 57

The 2.0 Version of an Ordinary Woman Hello, this is Bianca Smith saying hi as the first month of 2025 is dawning on us. In this week’s episode of …

Successful Women in Business – Episode 57