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Year in business: 1 yr 

Currently, I am a freelance blogger from Chicago, IL. I mostly blog about relationships, self-love, God and beauty and fashion.

My target audience is anyone who wants to be better in their life. I believe it is important to spread love to our world. 

Entrepreneurship means being your own BOSS. Doing what you want to do on your own time. I was inspired to become an entrepreneur by watching the women in my family, in particular, my mother and my older sister run their own businesses and be successful while doing it.

My greatest win in business had to be the fact that I actually stepped out on faith to start blogging.  I wavered back and forth with the idea for a long time. I am truly glad I did. 

The best advice I have ever received had to be to simply follow your dreams despite the obstacles you may face. 

I have been the most successful with marketing my brand with social media.  Social media has really helped me out a lot. I have quite a few followers from Facebook alone. 

Behind the scenes, I am a high school teacher. I spread a lot of my time pouring into our youth in the inner city of Chicago.

My favorite place to vacation has to be Atlanta, Georgia.

The best way readers can contact is: 

Twitter: @samone_lashae

(facebook) samone lashae.

Here are a few of Her best blog posts…….




What is love…love is a four letter word that holds so much meaning behind it.. it’s wanting the best for someone even if you don’t receive anything from it…its ensuring that this one person is okay after a long day…its the little things like forehead kisses, holding hands and long hugs…its the good morning texts that u look forward to…it the late night deep conversations that touch your soul… it’s the ability to have fun in most random places ever…its the fight that two people put up to ensure that no one can ever come in between the bond that you two share…its the disagreements and makeup sessions that makes it all worth it…what is the love you ask…well love is you. I love everything about you. From your eyes to your nose to your scent….to your smile…to your curly hair…your complexion…to the way you think…to your drive and your aspirations…I love the way you hold me a night..I love the way you protect me..I love when you call me bae. . I love the fact you are a fighter…that you never give up…I love the fact that you are a great father..a great provider…I love the fact that you are my man. I look forward to every kiss..every hug..every touch…you don’t realize it but I’m your biggest fan…no other men could are my best favorite lover…my future husband..I couldn’t ask for a better person to share my life with and for that I thank you. I thank you because I now know that there are still some good men on this earth, I thank you for treating me like a queen and showing me what true love is.




Growing up in a two-parent home, I witnessed my father treat my mother like a queen. He was a family man, that enjoyed helping others around him. He went to work every single day, whether he was ill or in good health just to provide for his family. Whatever my mother wanted or desired, he made sure she received it. Truly an example of a man. When I started dating, I looked for the same qualities in the men that I decided to entertain. I wanted to make sure that if I gave a guy my attention, it was worth it. Needless to say, my own judgment wasn’t always accurate and I fell into unhealthy relationships because I thought “I was in love.” I am more mature now, and fully aware that “loving” someone doesn’t give a person the green light to take advantage or mistreat someone. I can recall times, where I allowed my significant other to call me out of my name, talk badly about my family, humiliate me in front of others, lie and cheat with multiple women, and endure domestic violence. I am here to say that I understand what it feels like to NOT love yourself, and allow others to walk all over you because at the moment it felt like the right thing to do. Don’t ignore the signs that are presented in front of you. Everyone isn’t as fortunate as I am, to walk away from a toxic relationship alive. It’s not worth it. Trust your gut feeling and put yourself first. You will be thankful for it. Here are some signs that your relationship may be toxic.

1) Negative energy.

2) Jealousy.

3) You can’t seem to ever do anything right.

4) Name calling.

5) Put downs.

6) Domestic violence.

7) Always walking on eggshells.

8) Lack of appreciation.

9) Lying/ Cheating.

10) Feeling isolated from loved ones.

Remember, no one is worth your peace. I know it may be hard to walk away from a relationship due to fear of starting over or whatever the case may be, BUT you will thank yourself later. Love yourself first! Put a new peep in your step, and remember that you are great and it is someone out there for everyone. So don’t give up! You never know who you may encounter, so don’t settle for less



Self Love

Let’s face it, everyone is super busy nowadays, from work, to school, family life, relationships, friendships and all the above. However, I am a firm believer that people make time for the things that are really important to them. Making time for those who choose you is vital. It shows that even though your life may be hectic and busy, you still care enough to take time out of your schedule to include them. What a beautiful thing! Evaluate your circle. Do the people in your life choose you? Are they there when you are down? Do they include themselves on those special days?(Holidays, birthdays, anniversary’s). Life is too short to chase behind those who don’t have your best interest. Love and embrace the those who have your back no matter what. You will thank yourself later! Peace. Xoxo




There are many titles that are thrown around today from social media back to tv. The definition of boss in the dictionary remains the same. Boss means basically one who is in charge. Lets examine how things have changed with this strong word that holds so much authority.

Across the internet this word is used by many. So let’s talk, what does it take to be a true boss? Well now, I can only give you my version in the entrepreneur world this word is a title we all love. Let’s start with dedication. In order to be a true boss it takes much dedication. Deciding to do something and making a vow to stick it out through all the ups and downs. LOL, sound a lot like a marriage. My point exactly, you must be married to your business. Yes, your business is depending on you to provide everything it needs to thrive. your business needs exposure, it need professional presence, it needs money, is needs faithfulness from you. if you are not willing to give your business that you’ve wanted so bad the things required for it to live then don’t start one.

What it takes to be a true boss is to live up to the word boss. Can you endure the relationship with your business that it takes to keep it running. Ask yourself, can your business truly trust you? Our business depends on us for everything. Our business suffers when we don’t do our part. It’s very unfair to a business that didn’t ask to be here. Now I sound like I’m speaking of a baby, well your business is your baby.

If we truly took the time to really think about what a business really means and how we should treat it, more would not end drastically. Just some food for thought. Hope this helps you.

Blogger + Entrepreneur

Tiffany A Green




Writing your book today is becoming the new normal. Taking your thoughts and ideas and simply putting them in book form can sound a bit complicated. So, you’ve heard friends, family, and maybe even people in passing talk about one day writing their books. Today we have arrived in 2018 and people are designing their lifestyles around authoring their ideas, creative stories and even fictional characters and living the lives they’ve been destined to live.

So, this idea of self-publishing has taken over. Authors can now publish their books on their own instead of waiting for a major publishing company to give formal approval. Is this right or wrong you may ask? Well, I’m going to share what was told to me years ago, way back when I had no idea of what to do. I was in the beginning stages of writing a book about my life story. I was sharing every detail of experiences I had been through only to help others. I was talking to an author I was connected with on yahoo groups. At that time this was one of our only forms of communicating with other writers. He had not long before started his publishing company and suggested I send him a sample and so I did. I sent my first few chapters I had written. I was extremely excited about what I had accomplished so far and keep in mind of course this was one of my greatest dreams and I’d finally started the ball rolling. As I’m patiently waiting, he sends a response back and simply says, “If you were asking me to publish this, I would not”. Of course I was shattered like wow, so my story wont be published.

He went on to say there is no market for this? He said his motto was “if it doesn’t make money it doesn’t make sense”. So now, as I revisit this story I’m amazed at how we accept whatever is thrown to us and simply say forget it. From this point my mind was at my story is not good enough. Then in this same moment, I remembered I’d just met an author at an event a few weeks before. I didn’t buy his book, but I collected his bookmarks and business cards. I was in desperate need of a second opinion. I called him and told him about the previous conversation I had about my book. He simply said don’t listen to anyone, just write your book and publish it. He said, “Your audience will find you”. With God as my witness, this was the best advice I’ve ever received in this field. From this example its easier now days more than ever to write your story and Self Publish. Self-Publishing can be challenging but very rewarding if you put the work in.

I hope this story can help someone in their writing project. Connect with me on social media @blackwritersspace or @thebeautifulboss.

Blogger + Entrepreneur

Tiffany A. Green