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Ugly Websites

The worse thing in the world for me besides bad book covers is bad website images. They can totally hurt your sales, potential clients and corporate connections. I believe we are all made with some DIY blood in us, however there comes a time when our skills will make or break our business.

✔️Websites should attract your target market not push them away.

✔️Normally no one says anything they just go with the flow and say oh that’s nice, knowing it’s a hot mess.

✔️One common thing I see is bad images. Stop googling images for your website (or book cover) it’s killing the vibe.

Where the confusion comes in is most people think because their website is on the internet, millions of consumers will come flocking to our website for services. So not true. Who knows you like that? And who can come to your website and feel welcomed and want to do business with you after they’ve encountered a website that looks like a dark and gloomy place.

People look, this is not how sales work. When u see commercials and big brand websites, there are no dark and gloomy, no googled images and no pixelated images.

I can always tell when people have not researched at all in their business. I can talk about this clearly because I’ve been there done that and it’s a hot mess.

Whether people like it or not I tell them the truth. What’s the point in one more person lying to you and telling you your website looks awesome. So your business continues to suffer and clearly look like you did this yourself.

The unfortunate thing is I see companies with websites like this. I saw a publishing company who was successfully publishing authors and had pixelated images on the home page, I could have fell out.

Come on people let’s get this thing right. Who says I’m right? I do, once I began to research and research and I still research to find out what quality should looked like for me, I needed to know for myself what attracts my audience. What’s makes people want to spend their money with me? You should be asking yourself these questions.

Just came across another dead website just launched and of course they think it’s awesome. So, I’ll let it go, but I’ll continue to voice my opinion about people putting out garbage and wanting their business to grow. Not gonna happen. 🙋🏽‍♀️😡🙋🏽‍♀️😤

That’s my two cents….Have a great day people.