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Get Off the Clearance Rack

Get off the clearance rack and learn how to value yourself. I learned early in my entrepreneur walk that I had to detox myself from all the garbage I was taught in business. Once I began to place value on myself, that’s when things started to change. Stop letting folks tell you what you can’t do because of their opinion. It is what it is, their opinion. Hulu + Netflix send out updates on their terms and conditions all the time without notice. Why can’t you? Stop looking for approval and validation from folks who don’t matter.

Work your craft and create your price tag however you see fit. Remember, everytime you gain new knowledge, resources and solutions you are due a raise in pay. You expect an increase in pay on your 9-5 when you change positions or get a promotion right? My point exactly. Boss up.


Reading My Book | Real Divas Win™️ | Tiffany A. Green

Sooooooo, I recieved my first copy of my book Wednesday. I waited around all day long. It finally arrived delivered by UPS.

I can’t explain the anticipation and excitement I felt and even now still and every time I pick this book up.

This book has 16 filled chapters of stories from women and their life events, traumas, tragedies, victories, sacrifices and wins. I guarantee if you think 🤔 you’ve been through some stuff, after you read some of these chapters you’ll know you can make it through anything.

In this book, I wanted to focus on #women #winning. I think that’s one of the major things looked over daily in life. Most people focus on the negative, what they lost or what they didn’t accomplish. I say, what about the wins? Even if you’ve been through hell, just the mere fact that you went through and didn’t stay in it which means you came out is enough to celebrate 🎉 you still won. You are Winning.

Focus on the wins. Most times we have an entire list of wins that we’ve forgotten about and didn’t acknowledge enough. This season of my life I’m focusing on completing unfinished goals and celebrating my wins. No matter how large or small I’m celebrating every single win and you should too.

Add this book to your bucket list. 300+ pages of inspiration, empowerment and motivation packed all in one. #truestories

Grab a copy here…

Make today Blessed

Tiffany A. Green


The Purpose of The Beautiful Boss Magazine


Tiffany A Green the founder and creator of The Beautiful Boss Magazine is a publishing consultant, writer, and international photographer. I created this online blog/publication to celebrate women in business. We will be highlighting subjects including Photography, Publishing, Entrepreneurship, and Marketing. Please enjoy and share.

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The Business of Books


 I implemented these to subjects together because it has become just that when it comes to books and the business of books, you are in business. So, you want to self-publish your book. I hope you are ready for business. Adapting a business mindset is what it’s going to take for you to be successful in this industry. Branding your self as an author is one thing that commonly overlooked. Most first-time authors run straight to publish with a company they googled, and then submit their manuscript. A little while later you receive an email or phone call saying, congrats we’ve accepted your story and ready to publish your book. So then unknowingly you think you’ve arrived at your moment. Not. Sorry to bust your bubble but what you have fallen victim to is signing your name to a contract that requires you to both pay for your production and giving away 90% royalties.

Without any knowledge of what just happened one thing  you know is you book is being published. And because you signed a contract you seem to think you’ve been signed a major book deal. Don’t quote me not everyone thinks this but there are many that do. The major key in this game is research. Find out what works best for your book. Let go of all the visions of being on Oprah and the Steve Harvey show for a second. And sit down and evolve this publishing plan into a business plan. Who will your customers be? In other words who are your readers? This one major question most first time or unsuccessful authors can answer. Your book is a business and should be treated as such. There are many T’s to cross in this game. But the benefits are endless. Your book is only the most expensive content you’ll create. You can monetize your book in numerous forms, create paid speaking opportunities, create your own university, yes, it’s a unique way of building your personal brand.

That’s another issue but I’m sure by now you get the picture. Books and business are the twin compatible ways to create an income flow from writing a book one time. As my publishing colleagues always say, Books don’t Expire, and guess what they don’t. Now go self-publish your book.

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