5 Social Media Tricks for Small Business

Does social media and growing your audience make you want to gnash your teeth and cry? It doesn’t have to be horrible! Break it into bitesize tasks …

5 Social Media Tricks for Small Business
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My Literary Goals

Being an author CEO has an entirely different meaning to me now. My literary goals sit different in my brain now. For years we’ve disrespected the art of publishing. For me it’s the art and the passive residual wealth my words produce. It’s the wealth for me💰. I’ve worked labor jobs my entire life but nothing quenches my would like writing. Have you ever loved something so much you can feel it down in your soul. It’s the joy in writing for me. It’s time to work smarter not harder. This is the season where quarterly goals are at an all time high. Take the time to create some passive income in your life. Whether it’s an eBook, a digital course or a checklist. Once it’s created, it no longer requires your time. It’s time to wake up with money in your bank.

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The Experience Real Divas Win Book Signing

The Experience Real Divas Win Book Signing
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Through it all we still win. If you sit back and focus on all the bad in your life I guarantee you the list is endless. But we often forget the wins, the mountains we’ve made it over, the traumatic events in our lives that were suppose to take us out.

In December last year I purposed myself to celebrate the wins, tell my stories, and only move upward in life. See we can sit around and play the #blamegame but at the end of the day it’s totally up to us.

Have you ever purposed yourself to embrace every win? This is not to say…..things won’t happen out of our control, but knowing that we can overcome anything we put our minds to is pure inspiration in my book.

It’s time to make some changes. Celebrate the wins. Here are some ways to celebrate your life.

1.Write a book about your experiences, hobbies, places you’ve been, your expertise, create a collaboration about a popular subject.

2.Create an event based around what you love, your product or service, your business,

3. Connect with other like minded people celebrating life and business.

These are just a few but you can start here. Start Today…

This Saturday I’ll be #Celebrating my latest book #realdivaswin in #Chicago, come out and celebrate with us.

Myself Tiffany A. Green, and several other ladies, made a decision to celebrate our wins and write about it in this book.

Order Your Copy Today…


Real Divas Win

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