How to Make Your Office a Comfortable and Safe Environment

Employees feel motivated and appreciated when you maintain a safe, pleasant, and comfortable work environment. A positive environment impacts …

How to Make Your Office a Comfortable and Safe Environment
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Get Off the Clearance Rack

Get off the clearance rack and learn how to value yourself. I learned early in my entrepreneur walk that I had to detox myself from all the garbage I was taught in business. Once I began to place value on myself, that’s when things started to change. Stop letting folks tell you what you can’t do because of their opinion. It is what it is, their opinion. Hulu + Netflix send out updates on their terms and conditions all the time without notice. Why can’t you? Stop looking for approval and validation from folks who don’t matter.

Work your craft and create your price tag however you see fit. Remember, everytime you gain new knowledge, resources and solutions you are due a raise in pay. You expect an increase in pay on your 9-5 when you change positions or get a promotion right? My point exactly. Boss up.


100 Powerful Women of 2020

This year is testing everyone’s strength – but women never back down from a challenge. Meet the female leaders from 100 brands and businesses, all fighting for a better future.
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Black women who made history in 2020!

#blackgirlmagic Good morning beautiful humans, happy Sunday! Thank you for stopping by my blog. Come on in……….. Life with Lane http://…

Black women who made history in 2020!

How This CEO is Offering Free Classes to Help Women Gain Business Success

The business world is no longer a boys club; women-owned businesses have been steadily increasing since the beginning of the 21st century with …

How This CEO is Offering Free Classes to Help Women Gain Business Success