How Do You Measure Your Value?

by Apostle Gabriel Cross Sometimes we feel like something is wrong with us because something hasn’t happened. Don’t allow what hasn’t happened to …

How Do You Measure Your Value?
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5 Ways To Leverage Credit To Generate Wealth

The higher your credit score the less you pay for a loan and the easier it will be to establish business relationships, gain new clients, and generate wealth
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Give Credit Where Credit is Due.

It’s amazing how folks will give credit to a community or group of people for someone successfully building a business. Over the years I’ve heard things like, oh XYZ CHURCH built his or her business or once she got the job at such and such company that’s how they’re business blew up.

I find it crazy that you rarely hear anyone give credit to the owner/entrepreneur for building their business with blood sweat and tears. What I know is, no one is there when you are burning the midnight oil. No one knows how many marketing plans you went through to figure out which one worked the best. No one knows how many sleepless nights you’ve had. It’s so much that goes on behind closed doors that’s unseen and not given credit for.

Let’s normalize giving credit to the entrepreneur for working hard to build their business and stop giving credit to your unreliable opinion.

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Urban One Honors Is Celebrating Black Women Who Are Leading the Change

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Urban One Honors Is Celebrating Black Women Who Are Leading the Change

The Undressing Room Podcast Presented By Macy’s Ep15: “Girl Code”

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The Undressing Room Podcast Presented By Macy’s Ep15: “Girl Code”